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Hybrid Point of Lay Hens for Sale

Now sold out of our 2018 season point of lay hens - next supply available Spring 2019

They are priced at £13 for the Goldlines and £16 per hen for the other breeds.

They are generally available from 16 weeks old, and are fully vaccinated.


We are happy to supply a small number or loads!

We can supply the following types

Goldline, Rhode Rock, Beechwood Blue, Speckledy, Sussex Ranger, Calder Ranger, Pied Ranger, Amber Link.

Please see individual pages for more details

Unfortunately we are unable to accept payment by cheque or credit/debit card -cash only.

Please bring a suitable container with you to transport the hens.  A large cardboard box is usually sufficient depending on numbers. We can supply pet carriers at £3.00 each if requested in advance-these usually take 2 hens each.